UVPC Virtual Meeting April 8, 2020 with Matt Kloskowski
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April 8, 2020 @ 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Matt Kloskowski Virtual Meeting
Your own home on your computer
Don Weltzien

Virtual Presentation by Matt Kloskowski   4/8/20  at 6 PM

  Matt Kloskowski has contacted us to provide a virtual meeting for UVPC on this coming Wednesday.   Here is a summary of what he is offering:

Hi Don. 
  What I’m doing for a number of camera clubs is an online meeting where everyone stays at home and watches from their computer. 
  I’m doing a number of these to my general community and online but they usually get 300-500 people. While I take questions, I’m obviously not able to take them all. 
  So for some camera clubs I’m doing a special 1 hour meeting for just the club. Something like…
1) We decide on a date/time (April 8th at 6 PM CDT) and we send everyone to a page on my site where they sign up. 
2) Everyone gets a link to watch live and it has a Q&A section to ask live questions. 
3) It’s also recorded so they can go back and re-watch it whenever they want. 
  Not asking for any money. I think the win/win is that your club gets a more personal meeting. Let’s face it. EVERYONE is doing free stuff right now. But at least this way, your club actually gets to ask questions and be more interactive.


  Quite an offer from Matt!!!  Please watch your emails for further details on how to connect to the meeting.  You will need a computer and internet connection.


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