SE Wisconsin State Parks overview 8/1/19
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August 1, 2019 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Citizens Bank, Waukesha
2109 Corporate Drive
Don Weltzien

“A Wealth of Nature: Parks and Natural Areas in SE Wisconsin”

  This is the latest project by Eddee Daniel, a board member of Preserve Our Parks, which is a non-profit dedicated to preservation and promotion of parks and open space in the Milwaukee area. As Project Director, Eddee has been traveling throughout the six-county region of SE Wisconsin documenting the abundance of nature and recreational opportunities that can be found here. He has created a series of components to promote the project, including a website, display, and Powerpoint presentations. A book is in the works as well. Eddee will describe the project, lead a virtual guided tour and share many of his beautiful photographs.


  Eddee Daniel is a Milwaukee-based photographer and writer whose practice explores the intersection of nature and human culture. Author of “Urban Wilderness: Exploring a Metropolitan Watershed,” as well as many self-published photographic books.  Artist residencies include Lynden Sculpture Garen, Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley and Harbor District. Founding member of the Coalition of Photographic Arts.  Currently serves on the boards of Preserve Our Parks and Friends of the Hank Aaron Trail.  He writes a column called Urban Wilderness for Milwaukee Magazine. Curator and regular contributor to the blog The Natural Realm. His personal website is


Blog: The Natural Realm

  As always, guests and visitors are welcome to attend.

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