Available Competitions and Their Requirements 9/5/19 @ Citizens Bank
Sep 5 @ 7:05 PM – 8:30 PM

Available Competitions and Their Requirements 9/5/19

A presentation of all available competitions to the members of UVPC for the 2019-2020 season. Learn about PSA, WACCO, WI Print Circuit, Member Showcase and other opportunities. When are the due dates, submission requirements and guidelines for submission. Also help in sizing and preparing images for submission.  There are new sizing requirements this year.
A great learning experience.

John Van Den Brandt, Tips, Tricks and Tools 10/17/19 @ Citizens Bank, Waukesha
Oct 17 @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

John Van Den Brandt is Returning!!

Wildlife Photography: My Favorite Tips, Tricks, Tools and Tidbits

Join professional wildlife photographer John Van Den Brandt of Wild Wind Images as he shares tools and “tricks of the trade” he relies on to get in front of wildlife faster and more often. John will also share some of his favorite and most useful bits of photography advice he’s accumulated over his long career. Finally, he’ll discuss and provide logistics to visit a little known “sure thing” wildlife photography destination.

John Van Den Brandt is a professional wildlife photographer and owner of Wild Wind Images LLC.  His breath-taking wildlife images have appeared in numerous articles, websites, textbooks and ads; his framed fine art prints grace the walls of homes and businesses across the country. John’s presentation is illustrated with his own stunning images, many of which have appeared in his nationally distributed calendars that have sold more than 100,000 copies.

When not exploring the remote reaches of the globe, Van Den Brandt makes his home in northeastern Wisconsin with his wife Jean, his “field assistant, muse and co-conspirator in planning an adventurous life.”  

All of the creatures found in John’s images are certified to be wild and free. He doesn’t use captive animal models.

If you remember, pro photographer, John Van Den Brandt talked about “Mature Images” at his presentation last year.  Please take a look at his bio for more background information on his career.

Visitors welcome!!!

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